We Should All Relax Easily And Often!!

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This is a book of natural remedies for many physical problems, emotional problems, and the majority of common sicknesses. There are numerous natural herbs that are used, along with physical and mental exercises that will help to improve your demeanor. You can enjoy the knowledge about how many of our ancestors did and some still do treat and cure sicknesses or physical ailments. You will likely be able to enjoy fewer trips to the doctor after you know about these often more effective herbal remedies. They can each be used to help you to feel better on a daily basis. The remedies for morning fatigue work better than coffee since they have no let down in the afternoon. There are even natural remedies for cancer that can work more effectively than medical treatment with fewer side effects. (11,062 words)

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Herbal Supplements 6
Complementary Therapies 21
Symptoms and Treatments 41
Conclusion 52
References 53

A Relaxed Life

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